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Bundle your sales inquiries

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One inbound channel for supplier offers

Market POS areas directly to suppliers and earn additional money
Receive listing fees, free goods and other incentives

Digital offers

Expand your assortment with products that perfectly suit your customers.

Promotional campaigns

Receive exclusive and special supplier offers and answer them directly.

Process optimization
Efficient and transparent overview of your order and listing requests: bundle all inbound channels such as fax, telephone and Whatsapp in one place.

Earn money with Kickback

Give manufacturers feedback on their products and earn money during this process:

Earn money

With Kickback you improve your margins and benefit from additional revenues.

Advertising cost subsidies
Arrange advertising cost subsidies, free goods and listing fees with the supplier.

Get more out of your POS

Increase space profitability

Offer retail space

Generate additional sales by renting out POS space.

Easy access
Upload photos and details of the sales areas easily and receive booking requests from suppliers.

Benefit from even more functionalities which help you optimize your daily business

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Discover thousands of exciting products and offers


All your supplier data conveniently in one place

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